The GEP Flowchart provides a pictorial map of the processes, procedures, forms, systems and standards that build up to good practices. Note: this chart in Microsoft Visio 2007 format is already included as an attachment in the GEP Policy Statement template.

The Flowchart should be read in conjunction with E00-0101 GEP Policy Statement.


There are two versions of the Good Engineering Practice Flowchart in our website:

  1. Adobe pdf version – a free download
  2. Microsoft Visio format – this will enable you to edit the flowchart according to your needs.  The file is a free attachment to E00-0101 Policy Statement Good Engineering Practice or it can be purchased separately.


GEP Flowchart (jpg)

GEP Flowchart (jpg)

Click to open and download a full size Adobe PDF version e00-01-02_gep_flowchart


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