The checklist consists of 125 design aspects in the life-cycle development, design, construction, testing, qualification and maintenance of electrical components in a facility. Use the checklist to avoid costly retrofit and project delays.


Purpose of Electrical System Checklist:

The checklist consists of features & design criteria for a facility component or equipment or process that needs to be considered during the life-cycle phases of development, design, construction, testing, qualification and maintenance. This is to ensure the components in the facility are “fit for intended purpose”, compliant to regulatory/statutory, easy and safe to operate and maintain. The result is to produce quality products.

The Electrical checklist:

  • includes topics like cabling & conduit design and installation; power outage; control panel features;
  • also include design suggestions which are typical industry standard.
  • ensure that you have covered all expects in the design, construction, testing and maintenance of components in a facility.
  • a missed item or design feature can lead to non-compliant, very expensive and cumbersome retrofit plus project delay.
  • some items are built from statutory and regulatory requirements

Other check-lists in our library includes:

No. of items in each separate Checklist Number of Items in Checklist
Architectural 120
Process Equipment 155
Process & Utilities 150
Electrical 125
Process Control/Automation 285

The Checklists are supplied in MS Excel format for ease of entering data and sorting the items.

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