The final acceptance/Qualification of a purified water system highly depends on the quality of the Design Input Data. This guideline takes you through a logical process to define the design input from both the end-user’s and equipment designer’s perspective.


The expected performance of any equipment and system depends on the quality of the design input data and information. This ensures that correct information is concurred between the End-user Project Team and the Supplier. This document takes you through each step to gather and define the design requirements for a Purified Water System.


  • The purpose of this document is to identify and describe the information (that is the Design Input) required for the design of a Purified Water System (PWS).
  • This is the first step towards the specification, design, construction, testing and qualification of a purified water new installation or upgrade project.
  • The information can then be exported to the USER REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATIONS (URS) 
  • The 8-page template takes you through each logical step to gather the Design Input components from raw water data, user requirements, regulatory references, capacity of system, commissioning/qualification requirements, documentation and contractual. The critical aspects of the design and associated acceptance criteria should be documented.
  • This guide was developed through years of design, construction and operation experience from both end-user’s and equipment supplier’s perspective


High purity purified water system WFI Water-for-injection critical utilities

Associated Documents:

E01-0102   Purified Water System & Critical Utilities – Guidelines

E01-0103   Purified Water System – Design Estimate (water usage pattern, sizing capacity of treatment plant, storage and piping)

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