The Practical Completion Certificate is one of the final contractual milestone for the hand-over of the project and facility from the Contractor to the Client. It identifies any minor omissions or defects before final Hand-Over.


What is a project’s Practical Completion and Hand-over?

Typically, Practical Completion is the stage when:

  • a Project is coming to an end
  • the scope of a project has been completed in accordance with the contract by the Contractor
  • all relevant safety and statutory requirements and certification (with the exception of minor defects or minor omissions) are met
  • the facility is reasonably suitable for hand-over to Client from the Contractor. This allows the Client to get familiar with the new facility and equipment, caryout training of operators and product commissioning.

When the project reach this stage, the contractor will hand over possession of the facility with all compliance certificates to the Client and once the financial obligations are met under the terms of the contract.

The final “Hand-Over” occurs when all the scope of the project, outstanding defects or minor omissions and testing/commissioning are completed. It is the final contractual milestone between Contractor and Client in a Project as shown in the flowchart below.

Project Practical Completion and Handover

E03-50-00 Project Quality System Flowchart – Handover

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Project Practical Completion Project Quality System

Who needs this document?

  • Vendors – equipment fabricators and manufacturers; mechanical piping contractors
  • Any department who uses equipment & utilities in R&D, manufacturing, testing, laboratories.
  • Projects, Validation, Engineering department
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing

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