Water Sampling failure – ever got into a discussion whether it is the Sampling Process or the Water deviates from specification? This simple cost effective method will reduce the risk of the introduction of contaminants and saves you a lot of time and effort.


Having inconsistency with your Purified Water or WFI Sampling and Test Results?


Purified water “Point-of-Use” valves may be located in various environments where the outlet side/end of the valve is exposed to the environment which may can be contaminated by both living organism and particulates.

Sometimes “Water Testing” fails – not because the water in the Distribution Loop has failed but the sample water was contaminated when it passes through the contaminated exposed surfaces of the valve.

This document explains the method to protect the internal surfaces of the exposed side/end of a zero dead-leg valve from contamination. A simple cost effective method that will save you a lot of unnecessary arguments, efforts and money.

Who will benefit from this document?

  •  Process/Validation Engineer
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Quality Control – Water Sampling

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