Change control is a core concept of Project Quality System. This procedure and form provide a method to monitor and control project change. The form provides a checklist to evaluate the impact of a project change on scope, compliance, cost and schedule.


What is a GMP Facility?

A production facility or clinical trial materials pilot plant for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. It includes the manufacturing space, the storage warehouse for raw and finished product, and support laboratory areas.

What is GMP Project?

A project where the activities and deliverables are carried out in GMP environment and have the potential to affect the quality of the product manufactured in the facility.

 What is this process and document about?

In order for a project to meet the expected outcomes, a quality management process helps to implement quality assurance and control measures. With the added regulatory requirements for a GMP Project, a Project Quality System is a must to deliver quality, compliance, cost and time benefits to a project.

The Project Quality System covers the entire project GMP life-cycle:

  • The core concepts of a quality system – eg Change Control have to be established at the fore front. This will set the expectation from all parties.
  • Project Contract Stage – from the gathering of Design Inputs, request for quotation, contract review, etc. This is the relationship building between the Client and Contractor.
  • Design Stage – from conceptual design to detail design and review; development of material of construction, equipment and piping specification.
  • Procurement – acceptance criteria for goods inspection, addressing non-conformance
  • Construction – SOP for stainless steel welding, installation, passivation
  • Testing/Commissioning/Qualification – test plan and reports, IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Project Handover process and reports

This document (Project Change Control) is one of the core concepts of the Project Quality System. The procedure and form will guide you through a register, change request, communication with stake-holders, impact/risk assessment, classification of change, safety & environment, testing requirements, close-out of change.

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Attachments & Forms included:

Project Change Control Form

Associated Industry/regulatory guidance and requirements:

The following are only some of the references:

  • ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System
  • FDA Quality Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical CGMP Regulations
    • Section – B/3. Facilities and Equipment – Under the CGMP regulations, the quality unit (QU) has the responsibility of reviewing and approving all initial design criteria and procedures pertaining to facilities and equipment and any subsequent changes (§ 211.22(c)).
  • PIC/S PE 009-8 2009 Guide GMP Medicinal Products
    • Part 1:5.23 ignificant amendments to the manufacturing process, including any change in equipment or materials, which may affect product quality and/or the reproducibility of the process should be validated.
  • ASTM E2500-7 Standard Guide for Specification, Design, and Verification of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing System and Equipment
    • 8.1 The specification, design, and verification process described should be supported by risk management, design review, and change management, as described in the following subsections.
    • o 8.4.1 Change management processes should be established and be applied throughout the life-cycle
  • ISPE Good Practice Guide: Good Engineering Practice (Core Concepts)
    • Section 3.2.4 Planning and Monitoring, Sub-Practice 5: Change Management.Regulated companies should have systems for recognizing the need for change within project activities.
    • the change management system should revise and amend the scope, schedule, and budget to reflect the selected outcome. The change and its potential impact should be communicated to the key stakeholders (e.g., users, quality department, project cost control, and senior management).


GMP Project Quality System Change Control

Who needs this document?

  • Vendors – equipment fabricators and manufacturers;
  • Contractors – Design & construct turnkey; mechanical piping contractors
  • Projects, Validation, Engineering department
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing

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